Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Britain's living longer

The British ' life expectancy is since 1995 increased for both men and women, but life expectancy is still one of the lowest in the OECD. Women's average life expectancy grew over the period 1995-98 with 0.8 years, from 77.8 to 78.6, men with 1 year from 72.6 to 73.6. Medical and elderly scientist Henning Kirk believes that the new figures are proof of the fact that the British ' State of health is about to straighten up. "it is in the Group of 40-to 70-year-old that the decline in mortality is most evident. The primary reason is that deaths from cardiovascular disease are on the way down. It must be coherent with the healthier way of life is about to transpire, "he says.

The British ' life expectancy in the last five years have risen as much as in the previous 21 years. In the same period, the health food industry has grown with deals in organic products, dietary supplements, natural remedies and the NHS. Therefore, it is not surprising, when also senior scientist Mike Jackson from the National Institute of public health says that "the British have simply gotten better smoking habits, diets and exercise habits. And so it has been better and easier to treat the sick ".

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