Thursday, 11 April 2013

The dilemma that patients know best

The Chairman of the practitioners, Michael Dupont, can both see the pros and cons of the new patient generation, the so-called ' wise patients ' who are experts on their own diseases.

» You get rarely something good out of forcing people, the words come from the Chairman of the practitioners, Michael Dupont, who from his practice in New Zealand repeatedly experiencing the dilemma between patient and doctor:

The doctor must prescribe the medications that the patient insists on getting, because the patient has read about that prescription  Or the doctor must try to convince the patient that a different and cheaper product is as good as the first?

"It is enormously difficult for the doctor, for all patients are unique. So if a patient refuses to accept the doctor's suggestion about a specific form of medicine, we can not do anything other than to listen to the patient's own proposal. says Michael Dupont.

Doctor-Office often experience that patients have researched thoroughly into their disease and know exactly what kind of prescriptions and treatments that work best. Their knowledge is derived mostly from the Internet, from TV, family, or friends, and it is both to facilitate and impede the doctor's work.

» In the end the doctors the doctor will have to try and convince the patient.  and therefore, it can be an irritating torque using time to convince the patient that a second treatment is just as good. But at the same time, it is also incredibly positive that people research their diseases in order to become healthier quicker  points out the GPS ' President.

"But there will always be those who never trust anyone other than themselves."

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