Thursday, 11 April 2013

Patients learning from their doctor to treat themselves for chronic heart ailments

Patients, of whom suffer from chronic heart ailments, and who have a lifelong need for blood thinners, are going under a 27-week training course taught to them by their own doctors-with spectacular results.

Although this action has markedly decreased the number of bleeding and blood clots with patients.

It has been shown that the risk is significantly less with the patients, who treats themselves, because the patients learn to know their body much better than the doctor ever can, tells the professor in experimental cardiac surgery, Michael Hasenkam, there are medical responsible for Center for self-directed anticoagulant therapy.

Comfortably on the sofa at home  they can-when it suits them-roll the sleeves up, give themselves the little prick, and then get the results of the blood sample from an Analyzer in the home. And on the basis of the analysis they can even adjust the dose of medication they need.

We have learned a great many things that are not written in textbooks on various factors, which manifests itself by a specific medication. So we've had just as much out of even the treatment as patients, according to the professor.

Already after four years this way is much cheaper than the traditional treatment.

And then there is not even taken account of lost wages to the monthly blood checks at the doctor or sick days as a result of complications, which in other words is somewhat more frequent by conventional treatment.

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