Thursday, 11 April 2013

Pyrrolizidin alkaloids

Pyrrolizidin alkaloids occur commonly in many green leaves of flowering plants, as part of the compounds that naturally involved in the plant's protection against Herbivory.

Pyrrolizidin alkaloids can be chemically either act as a saturated connection without double bonds or an unsaturated double bonds in the ring structure. The saturated connection is regarded as harmless to human health, whereas the unsaturated connection has been associated with harmful effects on the liver.

The unsaturated pyrrolizidin alkaloids are found in the green leaves of borago.

In the refined Borage oil refining process itself will (water vapor 190 ° C, 5 mb vacuum for 2 hours) effectively remove any alkaloids in the oil.

Refined Borage Oil contains, therefore no pyrrolizidin alkaloids.

In the unrefined (cold pressed) oil is an alkaloid content has been measured at 10-20 ppb (10-20 tig/g). Alkaloiderne consists predominantly of non-harmful, saturated compounds.

Borage oil can therefore be considered as safe for human consumption and free of toxic unsaturated pyrrolizidin alkaloids.

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